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Probate &

Estate Administration

Let us ease your burden.

It is always a difficult time when a loved one passes.  In addition to the emotional toll a death takes on the family, there are often practical matters that need to be attended to.  

At Berkley Oliver, our attorneys are experienced in probate matters and stand ready to ease the burden of administering the probate estate.  

We will make sure your loved one's wishes are carried out throughout the probate process, only proper creditor's claims are paid, and assets are preserved in the best way possible.

The ins and outs of the probate law in Kentucky can be tricky, but our attorneys can help you navigate the path and know you completed the process correctly.

Things to Know about Probate in Kentucky

The list below provides a number of important items to think about when you need to go through the probate process in Kentucky.  While there are many other considerations, these are among the items our attorneys check and double check when working on a probate matter. 

  • Is the estate below the statutory exemption amount where a shortened probate process can be used (Dispensing with Formal Administration)? 

  • Have all proper heirs and beneficiaries been identified?

  • Have appropriate documents been put in place to transfer the decedent's real property?

  • Have all proper creditor claims been paid? Have improper claims been denied?

  • Have all assets gone to the proper heir and have receipts been received to provide as evidence of distribution?

  • Have titles to all assets been changed before the personal representative (Executor or Administrator) closes the estate?

  • Have proper procedures been followed to safeguard the personal representative against claims of the beneficiaries?

If you have questions about these or other issues, it is always best to contact an attorney before moving forward with probating the estate.  Our attorneys would be honored to assist you should the need arise.  


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Image by Melinda Gimpel