We Work To Protect Your Best Interests In A Divorce

In Kentucky, you do not need to prove that your spouse did anything wrong to get divorced. If you have been a resident of the state for six months, and separated from your spouse for 60 days, you may file for a "dissolution of marriage," another term for divorce. Whether your divorce is highly contested or uncontested, we work to protect your personal, financial and parental rights. Property and debt divisions can be contentious, but we always work toward fair and equitable divisions.

We are Josh Berkley and Amy Oliver, founding attorneys of Berkley Oliver PLLC, where we facilitate the divorce process for people who want to get to the next chapter of their lives. We understand going through a divorce presents uncertainty about the future. We take the time to listen to our clients' concerns and objectives during the initial consultation. We then develop strategies to best address the needs and values of our clients. We thoroughly prepare each case as if it is going to trial, knowing that this preparation also enables smooth out-of-court negotiations.

If the dispute can be resolved in negotiation or mediation, we will take this approach to efficiently achieve the goals of our client. We have found that negotiating can set a healthy tone for families to move forward in a positive manner. When necessary, Ms. Oliver has extensive litigation experience working with the Kentucky courts under the most challenging conditions and is comfortable presenting our client's case before a judge.

We Help With All Aspects Of Your Divorce

If you and your spouse can agree to matters within your divorce, the court will incorporate your settlement agreement as part of your divorce decree. However, many couples cannot agree to all matters. When this is the case, our experienced divorce lawyers are here to help you with all facets of your divorce, or family law matters, including:

  • Property division: We work toward fair and equitable settlements for your family.

  • Alimony: Maintenance awards are limited, and may be awarded to the spouse who doesn't have assets or an ability to maintain a self-supporting job.
  • Child custody and visitation: Our attorneys are comfortable with what can be a very contentious situation, and they zealously advocate enforcement and modification when necessary.

  • Child support: Kentucky has a court-ordered formula for child support, however an attorney can argue for special needs, educational and other accommodations.
  • Enforcement of final decrees: We can help if your former spouse is not honoring the agreement or court order.
  • Annulments: As a divorce alternative, we can help clients interested in invalidating the original marriage agreement.

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