Custody, Visitation And Parental Rights

The courts here in Kentucky follow the lead of family experts and will usually award joint custody even if the children live on a day-to-day basis with one parent. This is because of the belief that it is best for children to have both parents active in their lives. Therefore, the court will need a good reason to deny a parent access and input in raising his or her children.

Berkley Oliver PLLC often works with couples on family law issues tied to child custody, visitation rights and parenting plans. We understand that the needs of the parents and the children are unique and that no one solution will work for every family. Our lawyers will have a frank discussion about your legal needs and goals and then offer strategies for moving forward in a manner that keeps the best interests of the children at heart. We are located in Shelbyville and serve families here and in the surrounding area.

How Are These Arrangements Determined?

There are many arrangements based on these general questions:

  • What are the wishes of the child?
  • What are the wishes of the parents?
  • What relationship does each parent have with the children?
  • What living situation requires the least adjustment for the children?
  • How is each parent's mental and physical health?
  • Can a parent provide a safe and nurturing environment?
  • Does the plan put undue strain on one parent?

Other Issues To Consider

Parents not awarded custody will often still have legal access to their children through visitation, either supervised or unsupervised. The parenting plan, which outlines all the obligations of each parent on a day-to-day basis as well as holidays and vacations, will often need to be modified. This is done because children's needs change as they get older or a parent moves and/or has a change in finances. A family law attorney can help with these and many other family-related matters.

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